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I heard a podcast last week that was about leadership and it described specific enemies of growth. Although it was about leadership I couldn’t help but think of these enemies also being the enemies of making progress in your fitness journey.

#1 – Unnecessary Complexity

This is definitely something that can hinder your progress especially in shifting towards healthier eating habits. Healthy sound nutrition is simple but we have made it way too complex. This complexity is defeating and makes you think you have to know the special formula to lose fat.

The formula is and always will be to eat quality foods in healthy proportions. That’s it! Now we can definitely expand on that but remember when you eat junk and too much food you gain body fat.

#2 – Unscalable Progress

When you try to scale something at a rate that you cannot maintain you will become discouraged and quit. This happens all of the time.

Most people need to make small changes gradually over a long period of time. Take for example training to run a marathon when you haven’t ran more than a block in your life.

The smarter approach would be to start with a couch to 5k plan. Then become a person who can run and actually enjoys it. To run 26 miles you must learn to love running and if you don’t it becomes a chore.

I believe in setting goals and I believe in dreaming big but make sure you are thinking through a timeline to get there. Don’t expect more of yourself and put together a plan that does not factor in your habits and tendencies.

You can make progress at a healthy rate that will stick. But when you try to scale your fitness or nutrition too fast it can lead to failure and this will scar you big time.

#3 – Unhealthy Mindset

This one right here is likely the biggest road block in a persons fitness journey. What is the story you tell yourself everyday about you?

If you don’t believe in you it will be really hard to go on this journey. The voice in your head is your guide. And depending on what that voice tells you will determine how you approach each day.

This is why a coach is so helpful. They become your voice. They have a perspective that you don’t have.

You know you so you tell yourself things based on your knowledge of you. That may be good but in most cases it is bad and not completely accurate. You are likely your worst critic.

A coach knows how to help you. They have experience in exactly what you need. They are not you which is their best tactic in helping you.

If you ever would like to talk about your challenges I am here. I am happy to answer your questions and encourage you.

Remember that we all are on this journey and it is not easy for any of us. You are not alone.



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