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When I first embarked on my fitness journey at a local YMCA at 18, little did I know it would lead me a few years later to start BOOMFIT, a community where our mission is to “Build Better People.” With nothing but a poor attempt at a two mile run, I set out to change my physical state. I had no of the internal transformation that would follow.


At BOOMFIT, our team and our gym family extend the very essence of my initial experience. Starting with small nutritional changes, my approach to fitness grew into a comprehensive understanding that shapes how we guide every member at our gym.


We at BOOMFIT believe in the transformative power of fitness—not just in physical terms but as a catalyst for personal growth. As I witnessed my own transformation during those early days at the YMCA, I became convinced of the deeper changes that occur when dedication meets routine.


Our gym is not just a place to work out—it’s a place where you are part of a family dedicated to growth and improvement. Each member starts a journey not dissimilar to mine, encouraged by a supportive community and a knowledgeable team committed to seeing each individual thrive.


We invite you to join BOOMFIT, where every workout, every rep, and every drop of sweat is an investment in becoming a better version of yourself. This is more than our mission; it’s a commitment that wakes me up every day, eager to inspire and be inspired by the remarkable individuals who make up our gym family.


Together, we embody the mission of BUILDING BETTER PEOPLE, proving every day that fitness is indeed a gift that transforms lives. Join us and discover the power of our community, and let’s grow stronger, together.

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