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In 2008 I attended my CrossFit level one certification course and I was introduced to the Sickness – Wellness – Fitness Continuum. This concept was eye opening and encouraged me towards assisting people become the fittest version of themselves.

The continuum reads left to right and can be measured using any health markers you would like to use to assess where you are. The graphic below gives you the general idea of this concept.

The biggest takeaway here is if you are fit then you have to become well prior to becoming sick. How cool is that?

Most people just want to become well. However, there is tremendous value in becoming fit.

A fit person is harder to kill…literally. When you become fit both on the outside and on the inside your body is working for you. However on the opposite end when you are sick your body is working against you.

We all would like to be fit. Some of us are working daily towards that goal and others are not.

We are either going in the right direction or wrong direction. There is no in between.

My question for you today is what direction on this continuum are you going?

Remember that each day YOU make the choice. Everyday is an opportunity to move in the direction you want to go.

If you are headed in a downward spiral ask for help. The best tool to use against the gravitational force working against you is to have accountability in your life. Let me know if I can help you become the fittest version of yourself.



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