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Forward to a Friend

I ran into a friend of mine at our kids Christmas program in December who has been experiencing pain in his elbow and knees. This has prevented him from working out. He hasn’t been able to run which he loves to do because he is in so much pain.

I recommended that he come over and do a free movement screen to identify what is going on. He took me up on that offer 6 weeks ago and has been working the plan that was prescribed to him ever since.

He told me last week that he feels so much better. He has less pain and believes he is very close to start running again.

One of the reasons people hesitate to start working out is because they have a previous injury or physical limitations. In other words something hurts or they are afraid of hurting themselves. This can be a major setback. Often times this completely prevents someone from starting.  

Exercise is possible for everyone. It may look different person to person but it is possible for all people regardless of limitations.

Over the years of training clients I have learned that the more information I gather about my clients the better prepared I am to coach them.

We offer a FREE movement screening that will help us better understand our clients limitations and pain points. Every pain point is caused by something and if we can identify it early on we can incorporate specific exercises into our clients plan to prevent pain and future injury. The goal is for each person who works out to be pain-free.
The movement screen is a 14 point checklist in which our coaching staff is able to accurately observe how well your body can move. After the 30 minute session, our staff can give you a specific recommendation on how you can workout pain-free.

If you would like to take advantage of this click here to schedule your FREE screening.


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