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Forward to a Friend

I am grateful that in my life there are certain people who I can ask questions to. Sometimes when I am struggling in a certain area I need to go to them and open up.

It helps me to actually have to explain my struggle. I am a verbal processor so for me to either write it out or talk it out helps a ton.

Is there something specific in your fitness journey you are struggling with right now?

It could be a nutrition issue or exercise related. Or maybe it is a mental struggle. Anything at all.

Let me help you. Simply reply to this email and give me a bit of detail as to what you are struggling with. I will answer you and try my best to help you.

There is a strong chance that I have either personally dealt with the same exact struggle you are going through or helped another person who has gone through what you are going through.

Most of the time we just need to open up to someone who cares and has wisdom in the area we are needing guidance.

You are not in this journey alone. Let me help you.



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