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This summer has gone by quickly and we are all excited that this month is FINALLY the month of the BCS Classic. We have 750 athletes, and some BIG sponsors like Yeti, Amarillo National Bank, Advocare, Destination Bryan, and Compete College Station. If you are not competing, we REALLY need judges and volunteers, and this year we are really hooking up our volunteers, so get signed up! We’ll include the link below to sign up.

Also coming up in a few months is the CrossFIt Level 1 course which we will be hosting here at our gym. This course is not just for those who aspire to be a CrossFit coach—its a great opportunity to learn more about movements and the methodology behind why our workouts are programmed the way they are.

Julie and I also remind everyone of a few important things to keep everyone safe this August, so listen in to hear some important information!

Link to sign up for volunteering:

Listen to the gym update

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