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Brittany Berryman and I go way back. She actually used to work as a personal trainer at my gym in 2008.

Brittany and I always kept in touch but in 2014 we reconnected when she came back to my gym as a member. Like most people she needed a program to help hold her accountable and give her some structure to her workouts.

Even trainers need guidance. Her story is a great reminder that you are never too old to start pursuing a passion. She fell in love with CrossFit right away with her first workout – Murph. That is quite the introduction to CrossFit! If you know the workout then you know.

A few years ago Brittany and her family moved to California so her boys could pursue a career in acting. Brittany has come a very long way in her fitness these past couple of years.

I caught her on one of her visits to College Station and recorded this podcast. Listen to her share her journey and to hear how far she is taking her fitness now.

Listen to her story here!

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