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Casey was 28 years old when I interviewed him. You may know him from his radio days as Catnip. It was because of a radio promo with a local gym that Casey actually found CrossFit.

He started his CrossFit journey at MPower Fitness which he shares was exactly what he needed. Like many people Casey did not want to get hurt so he avoided weights and stuck mainly to running. When he started CrossFit a little over 3 years ago he immediately bought in.

Casey opens up about some personal matters on this episode that tie directly to his fitness journey. His story shows how powerful of a role a community of positive influences and regular fitness can play in your life as you battle personal struggles.

You will be encouraged by his transparency and appreciate his willingness to share about his struggles in this interview. These are the moments when we are often most open to change. Casey’s fitness journey provided the change he was looking for in his life.

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