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In April of 2003 I began training my first client, her name was Kathy Koppers and that is where the BoomFit story begins. At the time I was attending Texas A&M and working in a personal training studio. I graduated from A&M in 2005 and decided to work independently as a personal trainer at a local gym. During the 3 years I was at the gym I grew from being an independent personal trainer to having 7 trainers working alongside me and a lot more clients. In 2008 I moved into an 1800 square foot personal training studio on Longmire and Pondersoa in the Partytime Rentals building and continued to do the two things I love: 1) workout and 2) help people get in shape. In 2008 I stumbled upon a program called CrossFit which changed my entire outlook on fitness and gave me another service to offer the BCS community.

My role at BoomFit has changed over the years, those of you familiar with small business know that you wear several hats in trying to grow a business. You will still find me in the gym every day, either working out or training clients. I love what I do and most of all I truly love helping people discover that a workout can impact their lives and make them a better version of themselves. 


I am humbled and very grateful for the people who choose to call BoomFit “their gym”. In the rapidly growing fitness industry you have several places to choose from for personal training. We focus on giving each client the best program and experience so that they can be successful. Our culture and values guide every decision we make at BoomFit and it is what makes our gym special.

BoomFit is truly a dream come true and when I started this company in 2005 I would have never guessed it would be what it is today and touched the number of lives that it has. I am so thankful for my wife, Alicia, who has stood by me and supported me since day one. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to email me at

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