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For the first part of my life I was not healthy. I ate whatever I wanted as much as I wanted. I drank soft drinks constantly. I had zero concern with how much water I drank.

I played football from 7th grade to 12th grade and think back at those days and wonder how my body was even able to perform with how I fed it.

It wasn’t until I turned eighteen that I began to consider what I was consuming. It was at that time I stopped drinking sodas.

A couple of years later is when I really cleaned up my diet. And since then I have grown in awareness and knowledge that what goes into my body determines how it performs and how I feel.

Do you have this awareness?

After nearly twenty years of having this conversation with people I have discovered that the majority of people do not even know what it feels like to live in a healthy body. To wake up everyday healthy. To be able to move through out the day with ease and comfort. To sleep soundly. To exercise enjoyably. Most people are accustomed to the misery that comes with being unhealthy and they do not know any different way to live.

There is a great saying that I heard once at a mens retreat that went like this, “There are things you know that you know. And there are some things you know that you don’t know. But then there are things you don’t know that you don’t know.”

If you have been overweight and out of shape the majority if not all of your life then you don’t even know what being healthy feels like. Not just looking healthy but feeling healthy.

Most people give money and power more value than health. If you were able to make one wish of anything to happen to you what would it be?

Being healthy is a choice. You write your story. If you are healthy then you have made choices and taken action to get there. If you are not healthy then you have also made choices to get there.

I have told clients before that I wish they could spend one day in a healthy body just to feel and see the benefits of it. Almost like Cinderella the night of the ball. I promise you would not want to go back to the way things were.

You can’t wish yourself into a healthy body. You have to work for it. The longer you put it off the harder it is.

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