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I just got back from our annual week long vacation to the beach. We were supposed to go back in May but postponed the trip to July.

This is my favorite trip we take. We travel with a few other families and our kids love it. We spend everyday on the beach. The water and sand are beautiful. I look forward to this trip each year.

We leave on a Saturday and come back the following Saturday. The first year we went I looked for gyms in the area and found one. It was a small CrossFit gym and they do a great job.

The first year I attempted going to workout mid morning around 9am. This was no good. By that time kids are up and going and the day has started. This was cutting into vacation time. I quickly learned that this was not the best time to go to the gym on vacation.

The next year I went everyday at 6:15am. This was so much better. It got it out of the way early and by the time I got back kids were just waking up. I learned that while traveling working out first thing in the morning is key.

This year the gym was only allowing visitors at 8:45am and 5:30pm. Neither of these were good options so I called the owner in advance and explained my situation.

The gym does not open until 6:15am so I proposed opening up at 5am this week for our group. She said she has actually had a couple of people asking for a 5am class so she would use our week as a test week for that class time.

This worked even better than 6:15am. I was able to workout all week at 5am and be home in time to start the day.

Do you workout on vacation?

If you don’t I am not judging your decision. I support taking some time off once or twice a year to give your body a break. However I also know that this can cause your nutrition to slip big time as well. Plus getting started back up when you get home will be extra hard if you take a week off. 

My suggestion would be to workout at least two times on vacation if you are gone for a week. If you’re like me and you want to workout everyday that is even better. I would suggest try to keep whatever schedule you keep while home.

The one thing I would advise is to not miss out on the vacation to workout. I have been guilty of this because I am kind of addicted to working out and if I don’t get to workout it makes me moody, irritable and edgy. I’m not proud of this and I have grown a lot in the last few years but I still need to workout. It is my happy place 🙂

The reason I mention this is to remind those of you who are wired like me to enjoy your time with your friends and family. Enjoy the break. Eat something you don’t usually eat. But don’t completely go off the handles. Remember that this is why you workout and eat healthy all of those other times of the year. You are healthy and one week does not define you.

So if you travel this summer or in the future think about your workouts in advance and make plans accordingly. I hope this encourages you today. If you ever have a question or need fitness advice don’t hesitate to ask. I am here to help.


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