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I had a conversation with one of my clients a few weeks ago about working out while traveling. I’ve had this conversation on several occasions and believe that the answer to this question tells me where you’re at in your fitness journey.

The amount of time you have been on your fitness journey is not as important as where your head is. In other words the phycology in this area is the best indicator of where you are. What is the narrative about exercise and nutrition that you tell yourself everyday?

It is my belief that someone who is winning in their fitness journey has a solid foundation here. They are disciplining their mind as much as their body to obey and behave. I won’t expand anymore on the phycological component in this message but will save that for another time. If you understand please follow along.

So when you travel do you workout?

Travel for some is different than others. Some people travel 50% of the year while others may travel 5%.

Either way what is your approach to travel and exercise? Here are some questions to prime your brain on the subject.

  • Does working out when you’re out of town even cross your mind?
  • Do you look for a place to workout prior to arriving at your destination?
  • Do you pack workout clothes?

If we study the best practices of the top 10% of healthiest people on earth they would all answer the questions above with a resounding YES.

Keep in mind working out could look different person to person. I know a couple that goes to New York, Colorado and San Diego regularly since I have known them over the past decade and they start everyday on their vacation with a 3-5 mile walk.

When I travel it isn’t even a question if I am going to workout. I often times will plan this one week in advance. I also take into consideration what is going on during the trip so my workout doesn’t interfere with what we have planned. Sometimes this leads me to working out early before anyone is awake. But I have to get my workout in.

So where are you at? Like I said in the heading above the way you answer this question tells me where you are in your fitness journey.

If the thought of working out while traveling doesn’t even cross your mind then maybe you need help. Not so much while you travel but in general.

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