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This weekend we hosted a faith and fitness camp at my gym put on by Faith RX’D. People from locations all over the U.S. and as far as Kenya attended. Faith RX’D teaches people how to unite their faith and their fitness.

The first speaker of the weekend asked participants to do three things:

1. Be focused
2. Get uncomfortable
3. Listen

As I reviewed my notes from the weekend this morning I felt that this is a great reminder to anyone who is hiring a coach in their life.

Have you ever signed up for a program at your gym or hired a personal trainer? If you have then you are asking for more. You want more guidance, more knowledge and more results.

How is it that people who do this still do not get the results they want?

The answer is that they are not doing their part.

In a coaching relationship there are two factors to your success. One is hiring the right coach who will lead you appropriately. The other is you following the program the coach gives you.

Going back to the three things that were asked of every participant at the camp this weekend and now seeing how they apply to hiring a trainer lets dive into each one.

1. Be focused – remove distractions. Be disciplined about your schedule and about your nutrition. If your coach is asking you to eliminate foods do everything you can to do so. When you come to the gym be focused so you can benefit 100% from the workout.

2. Get uncomfortable – it is normal and expected to get uncomfortable in the gym when you are challenging yourself. Remember that you hired a professional who knows your limits and knows what you need. The reason you hired a coach in the first place is to get pushed outside of your comfort zone.

3. Listen – do not tell your coach how to do their job. Pay attention to what they say. Ask questions if you do not understand. Trust them and listen to what they say. They see your actions and behaviors more clearly than you do so take their advice.

Doing all of this is hard for most people because it requires humility and submission. The key is to remember that this is not a stranger telling you what to do. This is a professional that you have hired to lead you towards your goals.

I realize this is hard. Be patient with yourself and be honest as well. If you have struggled with weight loss in the past and hired a trainer to help you is it because of your own issues?

I believe in starting fresh and second chances. Everyday is a new opportunity to do it right. Let me know if you are ready to hire a coach and do your part. The clients that get the best results are the ones that say, “just tell me what to do” and then actually do what I ask of them.

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