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Holidays can be stressful when you are trying to be healthy. I hear it all the time. Especially when someone is about to start a program right before a holiday weekend or event.

I want to propose a thought today. When it comes to nutrition and exercise approach holidays just like any other day of the year.

If a holiday falls on a weekday and you usually workout on weekdays then workout. Does this mean you have to workout on holidays? No. I want you to approach it however you would normally.

For me, I love working out. It makes me feel better. So I will likely workout. But for you it may not be the same. Maybe you want to relax on a holiday and that is totally ok. Remember that exercise should be complimentary to your life.

I know people who workout year round and then when they travel on vacation they purposefully do not workout. They enjoy the break then when they get home they get right back to the gym.

Do not overthink this. The same applies to your nutrition. For me, my nutrition does not look much different on holidays compared to regular days. If you indulge on a holiday do not beat yourself up about it. Just get back on track the following day.

This can be a powerful perspective because it allows for room to slip. You are saying to yourself that it is ok to eat something you typically do not eat fully knowing it is just for that moment. Since you are giving yourself permission to do this there is not guilt associated with it. In my opinion the guilt or shame associated with unhealthy eating is as bad as the calories. Especially when you are healthy and striving to eat healthy all other days of the year.

Does this mean you have to indulge on holidays? No way. But what I hope you take away from this message is that a holiday should not be a nutrition and exercise debate in your brain. Celebrate the day and the occasion for the day and do not allow the nutrition/exercise part to take up more thought than it should. Enjoy the time with those you enjoy being around and love.

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