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Covid-19 has impacted our world in a major way. I want to speak directly to those of you who have gained weight since March.

When the entire country shut down you were tested. You had to find your own motivation to workout in whichever environment you were in. You also had to monitor calories and intake to prevent weight gain.

From the many conversations I have had with people being brutally honest with me most of you failed. I get it. I know how tough of a time this has been for you and the fact that you gained unwanted pounds during this season hurts my heart. I am sorry.

Labor Day marks a special occasion for me. It was Labor Day 2005 when I started my personal training business. At the time it was called Train With Charlie.

I was 23 years old. I had just graduated from Texas A&M. I was dating Alicia, who is now my wife, and we had no kids (now we have four). I had no idea at the time that I would still be doing this 15 years later.

In light of this very special 15 year anniversary that I am celebrating I would like to extend a once in a lifetime offer to you.

I want to help you lose those unwanted pounds you gained in the last 6 months at a fraction of the cost I would usually charge.

That’s right. You heard it clearly. I want to hook you up.

I want to make it clear that there will a charge for my help but it will be discounted. I never do this but I really have reflected this weekend on why I got into this. I got in it to help people and I know a lot of people need my help right now.

Here’s what you have to do.

First step: You must book a 15 minute phone call with me this week.

Consider this an interview. I want to hear about how you’re struggling and how I can help you. If I feel that you could use my help then the next step will be to schedule a time for us to meet either in person or through zoom.

There are no strings attached to this. I just want to help you if you’re in a tough spot right now and need help losing weight.

Just click the link below and schedule your call with me. I look forward to talking to you.


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