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I hope you found as much humor in the subject line and heading of this email as I did 🙂 but seriously did you really believe that you can lose body fat and eat whatever you want? Was there a part of you that thought “finally…Charlie is writing about something that I can commit to”.

Why do we default to this way of thinking? It would be as if buying lottery tickets your entire life and truly believing that is the way to support yourself financially. Do you know what the odds are of winning the lottery? Neither do I but I can assure you they are a number that is tiny next to a number that is huge.

When it comes to finances it makes more sense to find work that you love, work hard and spend less than you make so that you will always have enough money. This is exactly how it works with nutrition.

There is no possible way to lose body fat and eat whatever you want.

There isn’t even a lottery comparison. You must put in the work everyday for the rest of your life. But lets talk about what it means to put in the work and the mindset attached to it.

If you hate your work then there is a strong chance you are unhappy. And no matter how much money you make hating what you do everyday of your life plants seeds of unhappiness. So my suggestion would be to find work you love.

Nutritionally speaking when you eat healthy if you hate it then there is a strong chance you won’t stick with it. Unlike work, people will quickly stop eating healthy if they don’t like it. However they will remain in a job they hate for a lifetime.

The same way I would advise someone to change work if they are miserable I would say find a nutrition plan that is healthy that you like.

Are you the problem?

I must add something to this message. Sometimes the work is fine as is the healthy meal plan but the problem is you. You must change your perspective. Your mood matters and the enthusiasm you bring to every aspect of your life makes a huge difference as to whether it is enjoyable or not.

I will wrap up with one final thought.

What is your vision for your personal health?

Is the work necessary in your mind to get there something you are willing to do?

If the answer is “no” then you are in good company because this is the majority of people. But if so then you and I need to talk because you need help. Don’t put up with being unhealthy. It will sadly take over your life and be a constant irritation in your life.

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