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Every summer my church does a series called At the Movies. It is awesome. They take a movie and chop it down to about 30 minutes while editing in our pastor who teaches a biblical principle using the story in the movie. A lot like Jesus used parables to teach us truth through a story.

Alicia and I love movies and about half of the time they use movies we haven’t seen so after watching the shrunk down version it makes us go watch the entire thing. These messages and movies are inspirational.

Yesterday the movie was Eddie the Eagle. Incredible movie based on a true story. I won’t explain the movie now but I strongly recommend you watch it.

Here is how it was used yesterday at church to encourage us in our life.

Pastor Will gave us five things you need in order to do what others believe you could never do. I want to share these with you this morning because I think they can be applied to your fitness journey as well.

  1. Clear and Compelling Vision
  2. People who believe and invest in you
  3. Willingness to fail 
  4. Unyielding commitment to the vision
  5. Faith to take massive risks

Here is a brief breakdown of each one.

Clear and Compelling Vision

You must know where you are going. What does success look like and feel like? Can you see it? Can you describe it?

People who believe and invest in you

You need a support team. Who are these people in your life? Maybe a workout partner, spouse, trainer or all of the above. These people speak life into you especially when you need it most.

Willingness to fail 

The journey will be difficult and things won’t always happen the way you planned. Sometimes you will even feel like you are going backwards. This is part of it and you need to be willing to fail in order to succeed.

Unyielding commitment to the vision

Never quit. You must go back to your vision and your purpose for getting there has to be so strong that you do whatever it takes to get there.

Faith to take massive risks

Sometimes you don’t know if it will work but you must have faith. It maybe a special program or you sign up for a marathon and the most you have ever ran is one mile. You must have faith that you can get there regardless of odds.

If you go watch the movie this will all make sense. If you have seen the movie then you understand. But even if you don’t watch the movie you can take these steps today and walk confidently towards your healthiest and best life.

Always remember that I am part of your support team. Even if we never speak in person I hope that these emails speak to you when you need to hear some encouragement and guidance. And if you ever want to jump on a call I am here for you.

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