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What are you waiting for?

No matter where you are in your fitness journey this is a question you need to be asking yourself regularly, “what am I waiting for?”

If you are hesitant to get started it is a valid question. Speak your fears and concerns out loud. Maybe you have been on the fence for years. What is holding you back?

In a consultation with a new client more often than anything I hear people say that they are afraid of failing. In that moment I immediately tell them that they will not fail. That is what they need to hear. These negative thoughts have kept them from taking action for years.

If you are already in your fitness journey and need to take the next step to challenge yourself what are you waiting for?

The next step could mean increasing workouts per week or improving nutrition habits. These are necessary steps to continue to make progress.

If you keep doing the same routine and do not improve your nutrition behavior you will get stuck and likely get bored. You must keep challenging yourself.

Are you feeling frustrated with your progress?

This is an indicator that you need to adjust something. Maybe change your routine or increase the intensity of your workouts. The key to success is to continue to challenge yourself.

Your workout needs to be fun, addicting and challenging all at the same time. If it is not then you will get bored. If it feels like a chore it will be harder to stick with long term.

People often ask me, “What is the best workout program?”

My answer is always, “the one that you will do for the rest of your life”.

Find a program that you can see yourself sticking with forever. It needs to challenge you and it must be enjoyable. Doing it with friends helps tremendously. Having a coach is also very beneficial.

If you are interested in taking your workouts up a notch and need some help let me know. I would love to help you create a plan you can stick with long term.

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