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I get this question a lot.

How many calories do you think I burn during my workout?

My question back is WHY does that matter to you?

Let me explain.

First off, any watch or device that tells you how many calories you burn is probably close to that number but not exact. I have seen devices that measure you high and others that measure you low.

Technology is a tricky thing. They are constantly updating and revamping these devices to better market them to you.

But does it really matter? Is knowing that information going to actually help you move in the direction you need to move in order to get where you want to go in your health?

Maybe your answer is yes. But I would challenge you to track a different number – how many calories you consume.

Know this number will help you so much more than knowing how many calories you burn. Sure, it’s a little more work to calculate this number but the insight you will get into how you eat when tracking this number will be eye opening.

Chances are you don’t track this number. Or if you have you didn’t do it long enough. Honestly, this is hard to stick with. It’s tedious and takes time. That is why most people don’t do it.

I have found the most success in losing body fat when I track what I eat. When I began to really eat healthy in 2003 I tracked everything I ate for three years. It has been something I default to when I need to tighten the reigns or increase the discipline in my diet.

If you are looking for something to help you lose weight try downloading a food tracking app and start today. Let me know if you need recommendations. I would love to help you.

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