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Have you lost weight before and felt like there are certain areas on your body where the weight comes off easily and other areas where it seems to not come off at all?

I call these difficult areas stubborn fat.

It will vary person to person but stubborn fat is typically the excess body fat around the waist in the lower abdomen area.

Everyone would love to lose the fat in this area first but unfortunately this is rarely the case. When you begin eating healthy and exercising you will see change in several other areas quickly. Many people will notice their face thin out or their arms get more defined within a few weeks.

But the area that everyone wants to see slim down is the lower abs and that seems to take forever.

Why is that?

Here is a way you can think about this. Imagine a swimming pool that has a deep end and a shallow end. The pool is full of water which we will refer to as your excess body fat. When you workout and eat healthy is when you actually start scooping water out of the pool.

The shallow water is representative of the fat that comes off easily and the deep end water is representative of the fat that seems to never come off – I call this stubborn fat.

So here’s the deal if the point is to scoop the water out of the pool (meaning eat healthy and workout) then this should be easy right? In theory yes but there is a catch to this.

Every time you cheat on your diet you pour water back into the pool.

You may need to re-read that last line. It is the primary reason you continue to feel that your stubborn fat is not going away.

So how do you get rid of stubborn fat? It is actually easy. Don’t cheat for an extended period of time. How long? Until you see the stubborn fat coming off.

The key to successful weight loss is consistency over a lifetime. This is not a sprint it’s a marathon.

If you feel stuck and need to change something up in your routine reach out to me. I know how frustrating it can feel to work really hard and not see the results.

Often times people just need a guide to help them stay on track. I want you to win this battle once and for all.

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