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Into the Storm: 2019 and Beyond
Closing in on a decade of unimaginable growth, expansion, and raising money for charity, 2019 marked a season of change for BCS. Standing 6 months out from competition, BCS Founder Charlie Lima was fully locked into dad mode, expectantly awaiting the arrival of his fourth child. With three children already, this was old hat. The Limas had it down to a science.

After reporting to the hospital, getting settled in, and delivering baby number 4, Charlie and his wife soaked in the sweet and vulnerable first moments with their baby boy. It was bliss. Then, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, chaos ensued. The medical team quickly transported baby Lima to intensive care, citing concerns he was potentially experiencing complications with his blood oxygen levels. Further testing confirmed the prognosis wasn’t favorable. Those sweet moments of bliss the family had known shortly before, faded, replaced by the most unexpected and unimaginable reality. It was going to take a miracle.

Charlie and his wife, accustomed to rallying their community, called out to those in their corner. Their pastor prayed. Friends prayed. In the midst of their distress, the Limas prayed bold, real prayers. Shortly thereafter, the lead doctor informed them the most critical window had passed—and baby Lima had pulled through. But the journey was far from over. The Limas found themselves transported to a children’s specialty hospital in Houston where their son could receive the intensive care he needed. And, given the length of their stay, they needed a place to be able to rest comfortably, a place that could function as shade in a sweltering desert of unknown. An answer emerged: the Ronald McDonald House.

Following their initial stay at the Ronald McDonald House, an unexpected scare would lead them back to Texas Children’s Hospital with baby Lima. Charlie recounts that these moments, and those soon after, affected him deeply. When it came time to zero in on BCS for 2019, it was with a new sense of vision.

Family. Fitness. Faith.
Among the questions Charlie posed to the team was what would a family – fitness – faith event look like? The answer wasn’t hiding in some faraway place awaiting discovery. Upon confirmation of the Hildebrand Equine Center as the 2019 venue, it became clear. BCS could be more than a CrossFit competition. It could be an authentic gathering of community, with faith at the center of it all. A charge known sincerely by Rich Froning.

The idea to bring Rich out for BCS as a speaker quickly evolved into Rich candidly offering to compete alongside somebody as their partner. As details sorted, the same opportunity known today was first created. Rich Froning would compete alongside the person who raised the most money to be donated to charity. Still feeling the impact from their stay months earlier, Charlie’s wife suggested the money be donated to Ronald McDonald House as a way of giving back.

In 2019, BCS donated $27,605 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

2020 to the Present
Following 2019, Charlie and the BCS team were eager to see how they could grow the Family – Fitness – Faith message in partnership with Rich Froning and the Mayhem brand. A trip to Cookeville in early 2020 proved to be good for the soul, further strengthening the ties between Charlie and the folks at Mayhem. As a result, the weekend garnered even more excitement for the 2020 BCS Classic. Then came COVID-19.

Mindful of the challenges that would ensue in running a competition in the time of a pandemic, BCS desired to give people a safe outlet to engage in the spirit of community that had grown distant throughout stay-home orders. Rich offered to program the workouts and run-back the partner fundraiser. With no Team competition at the Games, the Mayhem squad planned to load-up in a motor home and road trip to Texas. Absolutely iconic.

With great attention to detail and the same spirit of faith that illuminated the way through 2019, BCS pressed on. Things looked different in some ways. But the resolve to facilitate safe togetherness gritted its way past the numerous setbacks of 2020.

2021 saw more growth, more excitement, and more confirmation that family, fitness, and faith wasn’t just an idea palatable to some. But a way of life for many. With the added support from Rich and the Mayhem folks, the entire event became a thing of wonder. The consistently growing registration pool prompted the BCS team to pilot an online qualifier ahead of the competition, a model implemented once again in 2022.

Following the close of the 2022 online qualifier, 510 teams registered. That’s 1,020 athletes. Charlie’s vision to give back championed the idea to donate 100% of the proceeds from the qualifier to a worthy cause, to give back and make a substantial impact.

In turn, this year, BCS will donate more than $20,000 to further the work of a recognizable, albeit newer, name: Mayhem Mission.

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