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What I am about to tell you is something you know. You are actually living proof.

A baby is born into a physical body that it will be in for its entire life on this earth. This body grows rapidly at an early age. It doubles in size almost every few weeks in the early stages and is 100% dependent on the nutrients it takes in for growth and development.

The body continues to grow and develop until it reaches about 25 years of age. At this point something new happens. It actually begins to age very slowly. What was once a baby that grew rapidly now begins to age slowly.

By 40 years of age the body begins to show several signs of the wear and tear of the life it has lived. Maybe some grey hair and wrinkles. Or some aches and pains that it used to not have. Every year after this the body continues to break down in various ways. Habits and behaviors dictate what happens to this body next.

Interestingly enough from the time you are a baby those nutrients you eat matter so much. It should not surprise you that it matters just as much as you get older.

Putting unhealthy foods, poisons, substances that hurt your body make your body wear down faster and sooner. Lacking in sleep and not drinking enough water can also add to this issue.

This body that is aging will also not move as well if you don’t move it. So living a sedentary life can cause it to lack mobility and functionality. However living an active life can allow it to continue to move well and maintain strength for everyday activities.

So doesn’t it just make sense that we take care of our body for our entire life?

Are you taking care of your body?

You only get one body. If you don’t take care of it you will suffer the consequences.

It is never too late to start taking care of yourself. The good news is that your body responds very quickly to positive changes. In as little as six to eight weeks you can feel better and have noticeable improvements in your health.

If you need help please ask me. This is not something you can ignore. It will catch up to you. I want to help you take your life back and live everyday you are given to the fullest so you can be with the people you love. Just reach out to me and start the conversation.

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