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The biggest obstacle in your way to get fit is how hard it is. Your struggle is real. Most people do not achieve success in this area but some do.

How do those that make it get there? What is the step by step process to succeed? Keep reading.

Anyone who has been successful on their fitness journey knows that it is not easy. Much like building a successful business, a successful marriage, a successful anything it requires time which these days people seem to have less of. Everyone wants instant gratification. Things need to happen on your timeline or else you give up.

This idea of quitting when it gets hard is not a new concept and is not only something that people do when it comes to weight loss and fitness. This is something people do all the time in other areas as well. As soon as something is harder than they want it to be they choose to stop doing it.

To succeed in your fitness journey you must keep going when it gets hard.

Twenty two years ago when I started my fitness journey I did not see instant results in the areas I wanted to see them. No one does. It takes time. But I did see some results. I chose to celebrate in the results I did see and not magnify the areas I did not see them in.

Do not complain when things do not go the way you want them to go.

This is a strategy to apply to life. Complaining is worse than eating ice cream when you are trying to lose weight. Ok maybe not really but I honestly think it is just as bad. Complaining that weight is not coming off or that a plan is not working will not resolve your issue. Rather than complain about something my suggestion would be to seek guidance from a professional.

Your attitude matters.

When you seek guidance your attitude makes a difference. I understand your frustrations. I have been there before. But you having a negative attitude won’t fix the issue. It will only make you more upset in the process. Your mood will influence your success. Focus on the progress and remind yourself that it will take time to get where you want to go.

Commit for a lifetime.

Lastly, accept that this is a lifetime commitment. You do not succeed then stop. Even today I need to keep doing what I have been doing for two decades. This is the truth. You will always have to put in effort and overcome challenges on your fitness journey. But the longer you are on your journey the more mature and realistic you become. You realize what it takes and accept the fact that you are the variable. Your behaviors determine the outcome. Your body in the form of weight gain and weight loss simply responds by the way you feed it.

If you are struggling let me help. I hate to see people putting forth effort in this area and not get results. Chances are you just need some guidance and accountability. I spend everyday helping people just like you overcome these challenges. Let me help you as well.

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