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Yesterday Josh got his first bar muscle up at the gym so I thought it would be appropriate to spotlight his podcast today.

Josh Vicari is 29yrs old. He currently is the manager of Chicken Express in Bryan and was a part of the Corps of Cadets while attending Texas A&M University.

In this podcast, he shares a great life story about his father inspiring him in his health journey. Starting in high school, his father began taking him to the gym at 5am before school and taught him the importance of working out and eating healthy.

Josh shares his ups and downs in weight and how he kept being drawn back to fitness. He joined BoomFit in February and shares how he has lost 27lbs in less than five months.

I have watched Josh commit 100 percent to a healthy lifestyle. He is an inspiration to me and so many others. Listen now to understand how much people can inspire us, and how we can inspire others.


Listen to Josh’s Story


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