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Think back to the very beginning of your fitness journey. Was it twenty years ago? Or maybe just twenty days ago? However long ago it was that moment marks the first time you made a conscience decision to do something about your health and fitness.

Since that time have you taken time off?

I hear this often. People usually come see me because they stopped working out and eating healthy at some point. They need my help getting back on track.

There is one thing that I can confidently say after years of helping people in this area, re-starting a fitness journey is difficult. For people who were in the habit of working out at some point in their life who quit starting over is challenging.

I want to encourage you to keep going.

Do not stop working out and eating healthy. Regardless of your age I want you to ingrain this healthy habit into your mind and lifestyle. If you do then you will never have to start over. You will just do what you have always done.

If you want to be active into your ladder years of life and find yourself inactive today their is a disconnect between your goals and your actions. You cannot expect to “start later” in life. Later will become a distant future time that may never happen.

If this message has you thinking about starting your fitness journey or revitalizing it now is the time to take action. Taking action is key because you are in a short window of time that you believe in yourself. In order to keep believing in yourself you must see results. The results motivate you to keep going.

Results do not happen by thinking about something. Results happen by doing something about it.

Call me so I can help you. This is what I do. I am really good at it. I want you to experience the healthiest life possible.

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