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Have you ever woke up in the morning unusually sore? Or even unusually tired? For various reasons our bodies get worn down. Maybe you stayed up late or maybe your workouts from the previous couple of days have been extra challenging.

When you’re feeling this way do you skip that day at the gym or do you still go in to workout?

The answer to this question is what I want to share with you today.

First I will preface this by saying I know there are people who workout less than others and more than others. Personally I love to do something everyday. Frequency is not the purpose of this email. Just pretend you wake up feeling this way on a day you are supposed to workout. What do you do?

It is always better to do something than nothing.

I am a huge fan of moving your body. I believe something unexplainable happens when you workout. It clears your mind, makes you happy, gets you fit and sets your mood right. Obviously there is the part we can explain but there is another part to this process that we can’t explain which is why someone who works out regularly actually craves it and continues to do it. It becomes a healthy addiction.

But if you wake up and feel beat up and sluggish my advice is to still go workout just take it easy. Let me clarify here that there is a difference between what I am describing here and being sick. If you are sick you need to rest. There is no reason to workout because your body is already trying to fight to get you well and a workout will only more so challenge your body in that effort.

But waking up tired and sore is not a good reason to skip your workout. My advice is to simply go in and approach it mildly. You will still benefit from the movement and the mental benefits that occur in exercise.

I will often gauge my clients energy and mood in the first five to ten minutes of a workout to better decide how to push them. I can tell by how they are talking and moving if today is a day to work hard or to just move. Every single workout does not have to be the pinnacle of workouts. The key to their success and your success is instilling the habit of fitness.

Listen to your body and if it is asking you to take it easy don’t over do it. This is the case with me more often than you would think. I don’t always push myself to my physical limits. I can tell from the moment I wake up how I am feeling. When I start my workout and warm up I am talking to my body and seeing how it wants to be pushed. I listen to my body and don’t just push it hard every time.

If you need a coach to help you because you are not in the habit of working out please reach out to me. This is my passion and I wake up everyday looking forward to helping people get in the best shape of their lives.

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