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Meet David King. He is 67 years old. David went to school here at Texas A&M, class of 1976. After moving around a bit, David settled back here in Bryan-College Station and has now since retired here.

David joined BoomFit right after Christmas—he received a gift certificate to the gym from his wife. He was really nervous about starting; he even prayed over it. He completed a 6-week challenge with Coach Stephanie and has loved it ever since!

David used to workout frequently, but got out of shape over the years. He had fears of starting the process of getting back into shape because of the pain — something many of us can relate to! Now he gets to work out with his wife every morning—they even workout next to each other. Talk about couple goals!

Learn how David was able to over come these fears and get back into great shape, all while having fun doing it!

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