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Meet Maribel. She works here in College Station at the Association of Former Students. Whoop!

She moved here right as COVID-19 hit, and really struggled at first at finding her community. Once gyms opened back up, she found College Station CrossFit, and has flourished in the gym’s friendly community.

Recently, she found @faithrxd. At first she was just excited about the free workout—but the cool thing about Faith RXD events is that it also includes a bible study afterwards.

Needless to say, her little crossfitting-heart was HOOKED! Maribel shares how Faith RXD and her faith has complimented her health journey, and how the two work so well together.

She also mentions the Faith RXD camp that is taking place right here at our gym October 15-17. Its going to be SO awesome, and if you are on the fence—you definitely need to listen to this podcast!


Listen to Maribel’s story


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