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Meet Thorn Jones. Thorn is 35, and lives and works in Austin, Tx. He is originally from Tennessee, but moved to Austin from Baton Rouge in March of 2020. Thorn is here this week to tell us about his fitness journey, which includes losing 33 pounds in the last one hundred days.


Thorn grew up playing football and lacrosse and was one of the shortest kids in his class until he hit a growth spurt in high school and shot up to 6’5. A self proclaimed big boy, Thorn says he started putting on the pounds when he got into his late 20’s and early 30’s. He had a major gut-check moment the day after his 34th birthday when he woke up with swollen knees and a hurting back after playing around with friends, and decided he needed to make some changes.


One change he made for this fitness challenge was giving up alcohol (and other sugary beverages). If you’ve been wondering what giving up alcohol can do not just for your fitness, but your overall life, then you’ll want to listen to Thorn’s story. Listen in to also hear about the fitness challenge he joined with his friends that helped motivate him to get serious about his health.

Listen to Thorn

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