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When getting started on a fitness journey most people know that lifestyle adjustments need to be made. Likely in the areas of nutrition and exercise. They realize they need to start eating better and exercising more often. Some people follow a plan and others don’t.

Whether you get a plan on the internet or hire a coach this message is specifically how to approach that plan.

Play offense – Attack the plan.

Playing offense well means scoring points. A good offense knows how to run successful plays and has confidence in their abilities. Regardless of the sport a good offense is key to winning games. If you don’t score you don’t win.

In your fitness journey this means meal prepping, having accountability in your workouts, setting weekly/monthly benchmark goals and knowing what you are going to do at the gym in advance.

Play defense – Study your opponent.

On the opposite side of the ball we have to play good defense as well. You may hear people often say that defense wins games. Why? Because you have to stop the opposing team from scoring points in order to win. Much like offense a good defense has a plan. They study their opponent and often times watch film to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This prepares them for the game.

In your fitness journey this means knowing your strengths and biggest weaknesses. Are you someone who rather workout in the afternoons over the mornings? What specifically has stopped you from succeeding in your fitness journey in the past? Create a plan to overcome these challenges.

If you have not been successful in your fitness journey it could be because of your approach. If you need help creating a plan let me know. I know exactly how to help you win.

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