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Cliff Latham is 52 years old, a father, husband, business owner and has completed multiple Iron Man Triathlons. Cliff shares his accomplishments in track (clocking a mile at four minutes and three seconds!) and in personal training on the podcast today.

Cliff is one of the most seasoned and experienced personal trainers in the Brazos Valley. However despite these great successes he still overcomes and faces what everyone in their fitness journey faces. Everyone feels pain and can continually improve if they work for it.

He is a great example of never quitting and continuous pursuit of excellence. His passion is helping people. Cliff opens up big time and shares his heart in this interview.

This is one of the most special podcasts I have recorded. Cliff is the reason I am in the fitness industry today. He gave me a chance when I was 21 years old to be a personal trainer. He saw something in me. I am forever grateful to him. Our friendship is deeply rooted and we have a deep meaningful relationship today.

I hope this interview inspires you in your fitness journey.

~Coach Charlie


Listen to Cliff’s Story


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