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When you start a fitness journey there is something you need to plan for. This is something that you likely are not wanting. Plan for things to not go the way you hope they do.

Sounds pretty tough right? Yes because we all have a plan in our heads. Our plan is the way we think things should happen and in the order they should occur.

For example, I start a six week program that forces me to eat better and exercise daily. I weigh in and intend to lose 2-4 pounds per week. What do I do if my plan doesn’t work? How am I going to react? Will I be upset, sad or both?

This is one of many scenarios. The most important thing to accept is that there are things you control and things you do not control. You must take your fitness journey one day at a time in order to survive the mental side of this journey. Setting goals is not bad and planning ahead is helpful. But hold anything you want to happen loosely and be flexible for change.

You must adapt well. You cannot allow yourself to lose faith in the bigger plan. One bad day in your thoughts could cost you a week in your progress. The best way to control those thoughts from spiraling out of control is to remain present in the moment. Focus on the meal you are preparing or the workout you are doing. Give it all you have. Your body doesn’t owe you any kind of results. Release the expectations.

When you do this you will enjoy the process so much more. This is not easy to do. We all have a tendency to expect and want to control outcomes in our lives. But that is exactly what leads to feeling let down and anxious. Don’t let this be you. Remind yourself today that you have no idea what tomorrow will bring and that is ok. Focus on the now. Let tomorrow come when it gets here.

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