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After reading that subject line you may be asking yourself why in the world is Charlie writing about diversifying my portfolio?

Hear me out.

I am not a financial planner nor do I want to pretend to know everything about that industry. However I do know that most people, including myself, think about the future when it comes to their finances.

If you have ever met with a financial planner they stress the importance of getting started as soon as you can. The longer you put it off the less return you get and the harder it is to build your retirement.

Some financial planners will even stress the importance of having a diversified portfolio of investments. Why is that? Just in case one doesn’t go as planned. You remember the old saying don’t put all of your eggs in one basket?

Well here is my reason for bringing all of this up.

Have you thought about your health this way?

Lets just pretend that every workout you do deposits $50 into a health fund. And just for fun we’re going to call that health fund your first and last name then attach the word HEALTH at the end. For example, my health fund would be called CHARLIE LIMA HEALTH.

Want to diversify your portfolio?

Another way to deposit money into your health fund is by eating healthy. For simplicity lets say that every healthy meal you eat deposits another $50 towards your health fund.

Here are a few more ways to put $50 in that fund everyday:

  • Getting an adequate amount of quality sleep
  • Drinking the amount of water your body needs
  • Taking 10,000 steps
  • Stretching and mobility

The possibilities are endless.

So if you add up all of your opportunities and value them each accordingly you could be depositing $500 or more towards your health fund everyday.

Here is the flip side to this. When you do not do these things you are withdrawing from your health fund. In fact, certain behaviors and addictions are even more detrimental to your health fund. I won’t expand here but you get the idea.

So how if your health fund looking these days? Are you planning for the future?

Believe me the amount in your HEALTH fund matters so much more than the amount in your retirement account. If you don’t start planning for your health now the amount of money you have later won’t matter.

Like I said in the beginning I am not a financial planner but I am a health and fitness expert. I know exactly what you need to do in order to live a healthy life. God willing this gives you many more years to enjoy with the people you love.

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