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We do things everyday that we are programmed to do. You don’t have to put forth any effort to do them. The results from these efforts come in the long term.

Take for example sleep. You probably go to sleep each day at approximately the same time. This is how you have programmed your body. You will get tired at this time regardless of how exhausting your day has been or what time you woke up that day. How can this be?

The answer is simple. You have trained your body to go to bed at a certain time. Therefor it requires little effort to go to sleep at this time.

Now lets just pretend that you get a change of job that asks of you to work nights and you then have to adjust your sleep time significantly. Anyone who has had to do this will tell you how difficult it is. Especially people who have to go back and forth from sleeping days to nights based on work schedules.

This is how your body works when it comes to nutrition. You have trained it to eat a certain way. You have given it a certain amount of sugar each day. Your eating patterns have been programmed and when you decide to change for healthy it is as drastic as sleeping at night time to sleeping during the day.

If you want to successfully transition to a healthy life you have to make small changes. Small efforts over a long time will always be more sustainable. The reason is obvious. It won’t feel as drastic and you will likely be able to stick to it.

Using our sleep example a sustainable change would be adjusting from an 11pm bedtime to a 10:30pm bed time.

The number one reason people do not succeed in weight loss is because they quit. Giving up destroys any chance of getting results. Most people set themselves up for this.

Make a plan to be where you want to be in 12 months. Take small steps. Make one change per week for a year. Aim to lose one pound per week. This is realistic and sustainable.

If you need help setting up your plan click the link below and set up a FREE phone call with me.

Now is your time. Don’t wait another day. You Can Be Fit.


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