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2019 marked a shift for the BCS Classic. A first iteration of more to come, the same spirit from years prior took on fresh form. The result was epic.

New vision. New intention. New possibilities.

With these new Family, Fitness, and Faith initiatives, came people like Rich Froning Jr. and CrossFit Mayhem. In 2019, Rich was originally slated to headline the Faith portion of BCS, not the Fitness portion. But as is unquestionably clear, with him, it’s impossible to separate the two.

So, 2019 also began an exciting chapter for BCS. One where a selected athlete would get the opportunity to not only call him Rich, but teammate.

Compete with Rich

The origin story of this unparalleled opportunity is quite remarkable.

Following the announcement that the person who raised the most money for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas would receive the honor of competing at BCS alongside Rich Froning, excitement buzzed in gyms across Texas. However, nobody was as excited as Jonathan (Jon) Devlin.

A self-proclaimed Rich Froning fan whose entry into CrossFit is an unlikely story characterized by grit, self-determination, and growing to know the power of an affiliate community, Jon was eager to attend BCS one way or another to hear more from the guy he reveres as his hero. And, after raising almost $15,000 for RMHC, he wouldn’t just be attending BCS to hear from Rich Froning. He’d be attending BCS to compete next to him.

Much like the way CrossFit propelled Jon to make monumental changes in his life, the sort of changes that alter a person’s entire trajectory, competing on a team with his hero was an experience he will never forget.

The cool part is, since then, two other folks had a similar opportunity to go to work with one of the best that’s ever been. Although a different athlete year over year, each raised a sizable donation for charity. Once again setting in motion the idea of what’s possible when fitness brings people together but a heart for service champions it.

Walking the Walk

The wider landscape of BCS isn’t removed from the impact felt most readily by athletes like Jon. For many teams, they get the opportunity to glance across the competition floor to see Rich and partner going after the same workout as them. Some will encounter him in between events or take the opportunity to connect with other folks from CrossFit Mayhem or Mayhem Mission. No matter the situation, BCS facilitates a gathering of family.

While, sure, anybody might feel inclined to be starstruck or dazzled at the sight of living legends, it cannot be reiterated enough how the entire presence of the Mayhem brand at BCS is about so much more than this. And that’s the refreshing part.

  Where competition and positioning people on pedestals oftendominates so much of mainstream conversation, thinking beyond this realm has the power to reignite parts of ourselves we didn’t know had grown faint. It’s the so, what aspect of the BCS experience that first started under a pavilion one sunny Saturday in 2010. For the Mayhem folks, fitness is just as central to who they are as Faith, Family, and Service.

Sitting at mere weeks away from the 2022 chapter of BCS, it’s time for you to articulate your so, what.  

Maybe BCS is about winning to you. Or, maybe you’re here to test your fitness in new ways, making discoveries as you go. Seeing as BCS benefits a couple of charitable causes, perhaps this is about giving back and having fun while doing so.

Whatever you name it, the time is coming to go all in.

We can’t wait.

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