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Today on the #BuildingBetterPeople podcast, we hear from Sara Spivey, who is 22 and from Athens, Tx. She just finished up her bachelors degree in Animal Science last year, and is now working as a paralegal as she prepares to go to law school.

Sara started playing basketball at the age of 3! Growing up, she played sports all year round. In high school, one of her coaches introduced her to Crossfit workouts, which she loved, especially compared to the general conditioning and running she had been doing during her off-season.

However, when she moved to College Station to start school, exercise was the last thing on her mind. It wasn’t until she went home for the summer in between her junior and senior year and joined a local Crossfit gym that she found her love for working out again.

Sara talks about how difficult it can be to find the balance between wanting to eat healthy and having a social life. She shares her tips on how she has overcome this struggle and how she can eat healthy AND enjoy time with friends and family.

Listen to Sara Spivey’s story

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