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I had the opportunity last week to travel to Cookeville, Tennessee home of CrossFit Mayhem. I arrived Wednesday and left on Sunday afternoon.

If you are not familiar with this gym or the owner, Rich Froning, they are equivalent to the Apple of CrossFit gyms. Rich has won eight CrossFit Games championships (four as an individual and four as a team). Therefor he and his gym attract a lot of attention.

I love traveling to visit other gyms. It gives me fresh ideas, it allows me to see how others are operating their business and I love working out in new environments. So for me to get the opportunity to spend a few days at this gym was really cool.

I was very encouraged by this trip. Let me tell you what I learned.

It can be summed up in Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

The CrossFit Mayhem family is comprised of friendly, genuine and welcoming people. The core values are FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS & SERVICE. Rich Froning sets the tone for these values in the way he leads by example. Rich is a man after Gods own heart, he loves his family dearly, works out like no one I have ever met and has a heart to serve. These values are who he is.

Watching he and his entire team was a great reminder to me that who we surround ourselves with makes all the difference in who we become. Or if you own a gym what your gym becomes.

How does this apply to your fitness journey?

In the exact same way. Who you surround yourself with makes all the difference in your results and your health. If you are struggling right now to find motivation in your workouts who is in your inner circle?

Being around Rich and the CrossFit Mayhem family for a few days makes me want to workout more and workout harder. Even though I already workout six days per week being in this environment made me realize I still have more to give.

When we surround ourselves with people who challenge us in a good way it can’t help but pull something even better out of us.

Find a group of people that inspire you to live a healthy life. If you aren’t plugged into a gym and realize you need a community to help you in your fitness journey set up a call with me and lets talk. I believe everyone should be a part of a gym family.



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