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We offer a nutrition program and it consists of regular in person check-ins with a nutrition coach. Sometimes these check-ins will be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the need of the client. These check-ins are in person and we use an InBody to measure body composition.

Our nutrition coaches will check-in with clients via phone and text more regularly. Most of the time this is once per day just to make sure the client is adhering to the program. This framework creates accountability for the client.

I want to share a conversation I had this past week with one of our coaches that I believe will remind you of something important on your fitness journey.

Do you weigh yourself everyday? How do you feel after you weigh yourself? Is how you feel dependent on the number? Are your feelings about a program working heavily dependent on the number on the scale?

I want to say first and foremost that weighing yourself is not a bad thing. The only thing that makes it bad is if you cannot emotionally handle the outcome. What do I mean by that? If it causes you to question everything you are doing and consider quitting then I would be concerned for you.

Fact is your weight will fluctuate. Your weight could change from morning to afternoon. Especially if you have weight to lose and are starting a new program. That number on its own is not the best number to determine the success of the plan you are following. You must consider it beside some other metrics. Such as body fat percentage and lean body mass.

The conversation I had with a coach last week was that one of their nutrition clients was having an emotional breakdown because she had gained a few pounds. Of course they spoke about it and the coach offered to have the client come in for an in person check-in even though they did not have one scheduled that week. So the client came in and actually had the best InBody scan to date! Body fat was down and lean muscle was up.

What does this tell us? The scale can trick you and make you feel things that are not true. Your feelings and emotions are sometimes uncontrollable and you need to get the proper information to manage them. This is where a coach helps the most. If you need help with a plan let me know. Book a free intro and lets get you on the right plan and into the best shape of your life.


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