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Are you trying to lose weight and it feels like it is taking longer than expected? Or maybe you are not seeing the results you hope to see.

This is something that everyone experiences. The challenge in weight loss is not the exercise or eating healthy meals. The challenge is patiently enduring the time it will take for you to lose the weight.

Our thoughts about what we do encourage us to continue or quit. When you are on a fitness journey it is important to acknowledge the positive things happening in your life. Although weight loss might be the goal there are other areas of your life being positively impacted and you must allow those to fill your thoughts.

When you allow the negative feeling of not losing weight to take over your thoughts you will question what you are doing. You will convince yourself that you cannot lose weight and that there is something wrong with you. This is NOT true. Everyone is capable of success.

It sounds simple but it is not. Often times we cannot control our thoughts. They come out of no where but we must learn to take our thoughts captive. The moment you begin feeling frustrated about your weight loss remind yourself of the positive changes happening in your life. It is also important to speak to someone who is supportive about this. The words of another person can be powerful. They can override your thoughts.

This is where a coach can keep you on track. Coming to see a trainer regularly for workouts or being around a community of people who are supportive is an almost bulletproof plan for success. Do you have this in your life? If you keep struggling to lose weight this might be what you are missing.

You can do this. I believe in you. The time to take action is now.

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