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Have you had a second chance at something?

What if you could do over your high school days or maybe a job/career? How would you approach it differently? Or would you?

I had a once in a lifetime opportunity at the age of eighteen to re-do my health. True story.

Prior to the age of eighteen I abused my body. I consumed the worst calories imaginable with zero concern or moderation. It is a miracle I did not do more permanent damage based on how much sugar from soft drinks I consumed. I was headed towards a life of obesity.


Then I went on a two mile run that would forever change my life. Since that day I have been on a steady uphill climb towards the healthiest version of myself. Progress has been twenty three years of three steps forward and two steps back.

You can be fit TOO.

I want to remind you today that you can have a second chance at health too. It doesn’t matter the age or how much damage you have done. You have to start somewhere. You have to make the decision. The next chapter is unwritten and you are the author. What do you want it to say?

Don’t try to do this alone.

The biggest mistake you can make is to embark on this journey solo. You need help. This can several ways. You can tell a friend or ask a family member to help you. If you are the only one who knows about this new path then when it gets hard no one can encourage you. Some people go at it alone out of fear that they won’t stick to it. That’s a bad reason. Tell someone you are rewriting your health.

Have a plan.

Without a plan you will end up back where you started. The plan can be simple but start somewhere. Maybe you plan to stop eating sweets at bed time or start walking after dinner. Be as specific as possible. Make the plan attack the biggest challenges you face now. If soft drinks are your biggest weakness create a strategy to attack that.

Start today.

Tomorrow could be ten more years from now. Before you know it another birthday will come and another decade will pass you by. Health is not for tomorrow it is for today. Start being a healthier version of you today. Make a change today. The sooner you start the more years you will benefit from these changes.

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