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Labor Day marks a special holiday for me. It was on Labor Day 2005 that I started my business. I had no idea the significance of the day all those years ago but the irony is that I love the work that I do and it would become a labor of love.

I want to share a bit of my story today to encourage you. No matter where you find yourself today in your life or in your fitness journey this testimony can speak to you.

I have no reason to be doing what I do for a living based on my upbringing. I was about as opposite of a health nut that existed. I loved junk food and had no desire to workout.

Something changed in February of the year 2000. I found fitness exactly when I needed it. Fitness has given me a whole new perspective on life. It has given me a career and a passion. And it has led me to find deep significance in my daily life.

I know I sound extreme but I want you to know that you have the same opportunity if you take it. I believe a healthy lifestyle is the key to a successful life. There are other pieces to this recipe but I must say that being healthy is essential to truly living your best life.

I have trained thousands of people and had conversations with even more who try to unlock this mystery of health and fitness. The thing I want you to know is that there is no mystery about it.

Being healthy is a journey that you and I are on. Some of us are choosing to embrace it and others are not. Some of us are seeking to find it and others are not. But it is something that will impact everyone. How it impacts you is up to you.

I am grateful that I embraced it at eighteen years of age. It has led me to discover my passion. It has unlocked many areas of my life for me. One of those being my faith and another being my calling. Both of which have become foundations of my life.

If I can do this I promise you that anyone can. I consider myself the most unlikely character in the scene to end up where I am. But that is exactly the point of this message. Is that health and fitness is available to everyone. There is no judgement from it and you only need to embrace it. Then spend everyday of your life walking towards it.

If this message makes sense to you then I am happy. If it doesn’t and you would like to talk about it please reach out to me. I hope you start your fitness journey as soon as possible. I am here to guide you and encourage you along the way.


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