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A common theme I see in the most successful people I meet with at the gym is commitment over the long haul.

There is a unique mentality that they have. It’s not short term and it is accepting exercise and healthy eating as a part of their lives for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes these people will derail off course. Maybe for days, weeks or months. But they know that eventually they will get back on track. They accept that eventually they need to get back in the gym because that is the only way to stay fit.

Let me describe to you the opposite perspective.

People who are often the most frustrated with their health and fitness have a short term approach. They view exercise and eating healthy as something they can do for a short period of time to get back in shape. Almost as if it is a gas tank that just needs to be filled when it runs low.

This perspective never allows a person to thrive. They live frustrated that they have to work hard to have the body they want. They are generally unhealthy people who never experience true health.

Accepting that you need to exercise and eat healthy for the rest of your life is the first step to having the right perspective to be successful. I didn’t make the rules. Fact is your body responds incredibly well to these two things. The more often you do them the better you’ll feel and healthier you’ll look.

Most people need someone reminding them to live healthy and holding them accountable to that commitment. That is the most important job of a trainer. To be the number one source of accountability towards a healthy lifestyle for a client.

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