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From the outside looking in, there are several factors that make a CrossFit competition memorable. Any way you slice it, there is a hefty reserve of horsepower, often mobilized months in advance, to deliver the best experience possible. At the helm of such effort is Charlie Lima, whom you met early on in this series. But Charlie does not do it solely on his own. Now, as BCS enters the final stretch ahead of competition weekend, to truly cultivate an appreciation for what awaits you, it’s worth considering some of the other folks who make it all possible. This is for the BCS team.

If You Build It, They’ll Come (Hopefully).

The BCS of 2010 was the outcome of stewarded spontaneity. Like most things of whimsy, it was sourced by the resources within reach, and infused by a spirt of “we’ll see what happens”. At its close, Charlie candidly noted all the ways he underestimated just what it would take to run a competition ofscale. Relatable to anybody who has taken on something new for the first time, no doubt. The most apparent truth at the time was this: he would need to assemble a team of superheroes if he wanted to take BCS to the next level year over year.

Naturally, as an affiliate owner, Charlie looked within his own community to identify anybody who might be interested in helping make a lighter load out of the mammoth task of powering BCS. Among them was George McCoy, a.k.a. Mr. Secret Sauce.

From early on, George assisted BCS through serving as a sounding board alongside Charlie. Together, they collaborated, ideated, and pushed the vision forward for what BCS could be in the eyes of competitors and the community. As Charlie’s CPA, George’s role has since evolved. Currently, he advises onscoring, tackling the difficult math needed to structure competition fields and the subsequent results. Aside from this, he embodies the significance of “no task too small”. Mr. Secret Sauce has literally been around since the beginning to help wield ideas into meaningful creations, exemplifying the radical, generative power of community.

Matt Haynes officially joined the squad in 2013, after a couple years working for Charlie. A visionary, competitive athlete, and coach, his support spanned the various dimensions of producing BCS, filling the various roles now entrusted to the BCS squad. He ideated. He programmed and rallied around possibility. And, yet again, it was a powerful demonstration of what can happen when excellence isn’t just an ideal for which to strive, but a culture created through an unrivaled sense of team.

As the early years of BCS evolved to 2019, so, too, did the need for the organizational structure to best support the spirit of Family, Fitness, and Faith. Needs varied across each of these three pillars, looking to equipment, media, volunteers, and athlete support. Quickly, and perhaps surprisingly, what seemedlike a simple ask grew into a lengthy and robust logistical challenge. However, when you are in the business of building a community united in spirit, like Charlie is, you begin to understand just how much it means to people to foster a place of belonging. Because in times of great need, they show up in full force and of one accord.

  Lisa Andel, Equipment Lead and longtime Boomfit member. Amanda Fleming, Assistant Event Director and all-around event coordination extraordinaire, also a member of Boomfit. Jolynn Easter, Volunteer Lead and Boomfit member. Beth Deuermeyer, Head of Social Media, high-level consultant, and Boomfit member. Andy Adams, Head Judge and past Boomfit Coach. Casey Atnip, DJ legend and past Boomfit member. Richard Bloomer, Head of Media, content creation g.o.a.t, and past Boomfit member. What a squad. A community.

Under the direction of those named above, are teams of talented and passionate volunteers who lend their energy, skills, and time to ensure people leave BCS feeling positively changed.A change originating from a desire to steward fitness on a bearing towards effecting tangible impact in the lives of others—Family and Fitness. Remaining, still, is Faith. And at BCS, faith is the bigger why.

These guiding values are not unique to the BCS Classic. Their principles anchor the community of Charlie’s gym, the same gym that so many of the team have called home at one point or another. So, it’s no wonder the slate of superheroes that has propelled BCS onward and upward has seamlessly championed this mission into its work.

What is left to say about the overall leadership paradigm that simultaneously chooses growth over comfort and empowers people to take part in a legacy of excellence? Charlie routinely used the word “ownership” when speaking of the team of legends he’s assembled. As in, those documented in this story have not just checked a box and carried out a series of tasks; instead, they have owned them. Full force. Full heart. Full stop.

In response, the team shared in the sentiment that with Charlie, there are a few givens. First, he is unapologetically passionate about faith and fitness, hence why he’s made it his life’s work. Next, he exudes enthusiasm for what’s possible by refusing to settle for good enough. Such conviction is, in large part, integral to leveling up BCS year over year as well as energizing the rest of the team to lead with excellence. Lastly, he grasps the power of community, not just in theory, but in practice. From the early days conversing with CrossFit friends under easy ups during competition weekends, to navigating the uncertainty presented by his son’s medical challenges early on,and even now, with the BCS Classic—community turned family, community through fitness, and community united in bright hope.

36 days and counting.


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