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Growing up my dad always taught me that how I think matters. He has raised me to be a positive person. Looking back on my life there are countless times I can recall him instilling this principle into my life. Another thing he would tell me is that the words we speak out loud matter. How these words can direct our lives. Speaking good words can take our life in a positive direction and speaking negative words can take our lives in a negative direction.

I hear people often say things about exercise that are negative. Something like, “I hate working out” or “I’ll never enjoy working out”. With statements like these it is likely that this person will in fact always feel this way.

Maybe this is you and you are thinking to yourself, “Charlie I really do hate working out”. My question for you is do you ever want to enjoy it? Do you really have a desire to change?

I get it. I know working out is hard. But let me present to you a similar illustration.

Let’s say you don’t like waking up early. So everyday you dread waking up. You actually hit your snooze button until the absolute last moment you can wake up. Then you feel rushed the entire morning which turns into the entire day. Only to have to relive this every single day. You live for the weekends when you don’t need an alarm and can sleep as long as you want. Then Sunday evening rolls around and you begin dreading Monday morning. This vicious cycle happens over and over and over.

The alternative would be to convince yourself that waking up early is important. That you have responsibilities that require you to wake up at a certain time. These responsibilities are a privilege. Therefor you should get to bed at a decent hour to get enough sleep. When your alarm goes off you are looking forward to the day. You embrace the morning and you understand that your perspective at this time of day matters. You even think that waking up just a little earlier allows you to make breakfast and read something that will help you mentally prepare for the day. This changes everything.

Here is the thing I want you to understand. Exercise is important. Your words matter. You can always speak things you feel in a way that is positive. For example, “I know I have a long way to go before I start enjoying my workouts but I am going to keep doing them”.

If you’re stuck in a negative place I want to encourage you to reach out to me. You may just need a pep talk.

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