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I turned 40 last week.

As my physical body ages I realize that two factors play into this process. Not just one.

1. There is a physical part of the aging process.
2. There is a psychological one as well.

The physical one is happening everyday. Our bodies continue to age and this is part of being born in our human bodies. As I have said in a previous email you cannot stop this process. It will happen whether you want it to or not.

The other part is very interesting, the psychological. It is how old you “feel”. Interestingly enough this is VERY influenced by the physical but not entirely.

It is influenced by how you think you look, how you actually feel each day and how you think you are aging. Your thoughts influence this part one hundred percent.

An example of how powerful your thoughts can be is imagine if you grew up learning that a calendar year was fifteen months instead of twelve. How old would you be? And more importantly how would that affect your thoughts about your age? It’s an interesting thought and I believe it would have a huge impact on how you physically age because your thought life is so powerful.

How does this tie into your fitness journey?

I want you to be the absolute healthiest version of yourself possible so that you feel great.

I believe each workout you do makes you feel accomplished. It is the feeling much like earning a 100 on a test or quiz when you were a kid. You feel proud of yourself and accomplished. You cannot fabricate this feeling. It has to be something that you truly think about yourself. To me this is equally as beneficial as the physical benefit exercise gives you. I call this the feeling of accomplishment.

Working out gives you that feeling every time.

Your birthday is going to happen each year and you will continue to age. But remember a very important component to this, you can influence how you feel by working out. If you exercise and make healthy nutritional choices you will not only take better care of your body but you will feel better about this process.

Embrace your age and if you are not happy where you are I encourage you to do something about it. Unfortunately you can’t just think yourself into a healthy body you actually have to act on it.

If you need help that is why I am here. I want to be your coach and help you reach your goals so that next year on your birthday you look and feel better than you do now.

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