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Sometimes we get stuck in our journey and feel frustrated. Maybe you find yourself here today. If so keep reading because this is for you.

My son starts little league tomorrow and I have been working with him at practices and at home to help him understand the game of baseball. Keep in mind he is five years old and this is all new to him. His first game is tomorrow 🙂

I am going to assume you have watched baseball and have a general idea of the game. When a player comes to bat they have one goal in mind – hit the ball and get on base.

Sometimes they get on base and sometimes they don’t. Either they strike out or they get out after making contact with the ball. The percentage at which you are able to hit the ball and get on base is known as your batting average. The greatest batting average of all time is held by legend Ty Cobb and it is .366 (36.6%).

This means that if you hit the ball and get on base just over one out of three attempts you are close to playing at the same level of one of the greatest of all time.

Obviously this is much more difficult to do than it sounds. Those pitches come fast and the pros make it look much easier than it is.

But let me use this illustration and tie it into your fitness journey for a moment.

Often times I here people beating themselves up because the weight is not coming off or because they aren’t seeing the results happen fast enough. We need to realize that this is a natural frustration no different than a child saying “are we there yet” in the car on a long drive.

If you find yourself in these moments of challenge please remember to just hit a single today and get on base. You don’t have to hit a home run everyday.

In fact if you ask any baseball coach would you rather a player who gets on base one out of three at bats or a player who has the ability to hit a home run every now and then I promise they would want the player who gets on base.

Don’t try to hit a home run everyday. Eat one healthy meal. Get in a 30 minute walk. Hit a single. Get on base.

If you take this journey one day at a time you will wake up all of a sudden and realize that 10 years went by and you are in a completely different body than you used to be in. If you approach this like a kid in the car asking every 10 seconds “how much longer” this journey is going to feel like forever and you will live frustrated.

The battlefield is in your mind. Change your perspective. Let me know if you need a coach. That is what I do and I love to do it.



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