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You know it is coming. You can feel it and see it. 

I took my kids to Home Depot about 3 weeks ago and Christmas decor was everywhere. They loved it.

Thanksgiving is next week and then December is here.

Even though this year has been a bit different the holidays will still bring additional calories and hopefully some additional joy as well.

By now you have fallen into whatever tendency you fall into during this season. You either approach the holidays with a nutrition and exercise plan or you just go about it like any other time of year.

Take a moment and be honest with yourself. How have the holidays treated your health in the past?

Regardless of what you have done in the past here are some things you should be aware of that will happen.

  1. There will be more than usual sweets and treats around you.
  2. Your calendar will have more than usual events that demand your time.
  3. Stress will increase for various reasons.

This is the perfect storm that leads to the average weight gain of 12-14 pounds. My goal is for this to not be your story.

If you are currently in a good routine with your workouts and eating habits then I have GREAT news. This will not happen to you!

Sure you will have a few additional days you miss workouts and nutrition mishaps but if you are in the habit of working out there is a high chance you will continue to do so.

My concern is for anyone reading this who is NOT in the habit of working out or eating healthy. The next 7 weeks will bring additional nutrition challenges that unless you create a plan you will have a difficult time battling.

Now is the time to make a plan. Even if you are in a good routine take a moment to write out some goals for the next 7 weeks. If you are not sure where to start reach out to me and I am happy to help get you started.



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