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Something amazing happens when you are on your fitness journey. Physical changes occur but that is not the part I am talking about. I am talking about what happens within you.

Many people, including myself, can attest to this. In fact it is overwhelming how many people will agree that the internal changes actually make more of a difference in their day to day lives than the external.

At my gym I have made this our purpose and mission statement. It is the driving force behind what gets me out of bed each morning eager to take on the day. I know we are doing more than working people out. I believe a fitness journey is a transformation in mind, body and spirit. Almost all people begin their fitness journey for the primary reason of body but are pleasantly surprised to discover it to be an all around makeover.

This journey never ends. I believe that we continue to become better versions of ourselves the deeper we go into this process. This principle applies to all of us.

It hurts my heart that people want to start this journey and for various reasons do not follow through with it. I feel that the initial desire is there but then a road block occurs. They are so close to taking the first step but then turn around and retreat.

This is where I hope to come in and be a guide. My personal mission is to help as many people as possible begin and continue on this journey. I have dedicated 20 years to health and fitness. I realize that there are several different ways to help people. These emails are my effort to help you.

Regardless of where you find yourself today my hope and prayer is that this message inspire you to get back on track towards the healthy lifestyle you aspire for yourself.

The best action step you can take is setting a small goal. Then make a plan to accomplish that goal and tell one person about it. Ask them to check on you from time to time. If you do this you are on the right path.

I commit each day to helping people on their fitness journey and if you need a pep talk give me a call. I would love to visit with you about your goal and help you create a plan.

We can all become a better version of ourselves including me. A small daily effort in this area can go a long way.

~Coach Charlie

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