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As the new year approaches I want to help you create a 2021 challenge for yourself. By the end of this series of emails you will have a specific customized challenge for yourself. This will be perfectly timed for you to start 2021 with a plan.

I will begin this series of emails by helping you avoid the wrong challenges.

Many people will fall into the wrong challenge as the new year approaches because they have no clue what they are really looking for. They see the word challenge and immediately think it applies to them. This is the wrong approach to finding the right challenge for yourself.

Most new year challenges are designed to give you some kind of nutrition and workout plan but they do not all give you the same amount of accountability.

The plan is likely a great plan. However it is highly unlikely that the plan takes into consideration your specific weaknesses.

It is because of your specific weaknesses that you need a challenge. Therefor any challenge you sign up for needs to address these weaknesses.

Before I close out this email I want to ask you a question to ponder this week. What is your biggest weakness when it comes to living the healthy life you desire to live?

Don’t settle with a quick and easy answer. Think deeply and come up with why you struggle to follow through with eating healthy and consistent workouts.

Next week I will continue this conversation and share with you the three most common struggles people face in this area and how to overcome them.



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