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How would you describe your lifestyle?

By lifestyle I mean the rhythms and routines that make up your day to day existence.

Are you happy with your life?

I know this is a deep question first thing Monday morning but it is worth talking about. Your life is a byproduct of your lifestyle.

If you have any area that you would say is not ok think through the systems you have in place to work on those areas.

For example, maybe you are tired all the time. Or maybe you wish to lose a few pounds. I am sure you thought of non health related areas as well but I am going to stick to the health and fitness side today.

I am sure you have heard or read somewhere that you should make health and fitness your lifestyle. What does this mean?

As stated above your lifestyle is made up of the rhythms and routines that make up your day to day existence. I would also call these disciplines.

I likely just lost some of you 🙂 Why? Because most people don’t like that word. Not everyone but most. Discipline and accountability are two words that make people cringe because it forces them to do things they don’t want to do. But this is foundational in growth.

Here are five daily disciplines to consider in making health and fitness a lifestyle:

  • Exercise is a must. Your calendar has exercise in it. You schedule fitness as you would schedule anything else.
  • Food is fuel. Food choices are ran through a filter of quality of food item, quantity of portion size and macronutrient balance (fat, carbs and protein).
  • Water is necessary. Water intake is intentional and calculated daily. Maybe not to the ounce but there is awareness in your intake.
  • Sleep is priority. A sleep schedule is in place. There is a bedtime goal to meet the goal of hours of sleep needed each evening.
  • Sugar is kept to a minimum. Most of the time the goal is to not eat any at all but an occasional decision to consume sugar is conscious and not excessive.

There are definitely more than five daily disciplines but this is a good start. How many of these disciplines do you practice daily? What would you add to this list?

The point in sharing this is to make you aware that being healthy is a thoughtful act. You don’t just stumble upon it. Being healthy happens intentionally and with daily effort.

As the new year approaches and you think about your health and fitness goals focus on changing your daily  habits. Create structure to your life in this area. Ask for accountability. If you need help let me know.

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